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 Operating out of western Wyoming, Wyoming Fishing Company specializes in guided float trips  on the Wyoming Green River & New Fork River.  Kick back, cast and enjoy the comfort of a drift boat as our experienced guides take care of the rest. We can explore the scenic water from Pinedale to Fontenelle Dam/Seedskadee NWR.

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This is not your standard, run of the mill guide service.  Wyoming Fishing Company (WFC) seeks dedicated anglers who are willing to learn & find fun in a day(s) of fishing.  The WFC is built from years of hard work and return anglers and for that, we are proud.  We are not an outfitting club built by investors, nor a "trustfunder" operation. We are those guys who live down by the river... eating, sleeping and breathing to fish - just like you. 

Check out our fishing reports page for the most up-to-date guide fishing reports on the Green River drainage.  We are hardworking, Wyoming guys who show you an experience that goes unmatched.  We are the "little guy" around these parts, but we are mighty. Disclaimer: If you want a guide with pretty new laces on his wading boots, a sparkling clean truck and a crack free windshield... we apologize, this is not it.  Yes, we often have scum lines on our boats, blisters early season from rowing (not blisters in July) and our trucks are typically muddy/dusty from traveling the less traveled gravel roads/two-tracks of western Wyoming.  We guide over 200 river miles of world class Wyoming trout water.  One day we may be guiding below Fontenelle Dam, the next we could be on the Pinedale sections of the Green/New Fork. We follow the fish, we know the water, we read the weather.

We are getting excited just talking about it.

Aside from our standard full day floats we have access to dozens miles of private creek & river miles to explore...as well as a few stillwater locations, full of fly eating Cutthroat, Brown, Rainbow and Brook Trout.  Yup, the Grand Slam is possible in one day on these unique pieces of water - for more information on these private ranch waters, please contact us.

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The Green River Drainage sits in a unique location in the world, particularly the United States.  Western Wyoming is a place where you will step outside the "normal" world you are used to and see what "real life" is here in ole Wyoming.  Life is laid back, people are friendly...for the most part.  The environment is raw, harsh..yet with a lush river oasis running though it.  Our fish are wild, strong and still eat little flies on big tippet.  We are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to pursue such unique fish in a truely remote and western setting.  The Green River originates in the famous Wind River Range, just north of Pinedale.  The Winds are the one of the most untouched and pristine set of mountains in the lower 48.  Many active glaciers feed our rivers (and local brewery), hence giving us the quality fishing environment the WFC resides in.  Fishing anywhere in Green River country is truely a great experience.  The Green River Valley is a sanctuary to the creatures' of nature.  Moose, otter, Antelope, Deer, Elk, Golden/Bald Eagles and Osprey are only a few of the hundreds of critters that populate the Green River Valley.  Rodeo is weekly around here, horses, cattle and atv's mix in with local traffic.  We are surrounded by 3 different mountain ranges, adding to the panoramic view in our lush, oasis river valley.  
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Thank you for visiting the W.F.C. and we can't wait to see you in the boat!


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