We can guide the Green River drainage in both Sublette and Sweetwater Counties here in western Wyoming, both Freestone and Tailwater sections on the Green River in Wyoming.  Additionally, I am one of the few guides that can legally guide fishing trips on the 37 miles of Green River flowing through
 Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge (under Solitary Angler & Four Seasons).  Many other outfitters who cannot enter the refuge commercially, rely on the section of Green River between the Fontenelle Dam and the north refuge boundary (4-6 miles below the dam) to operate and fish this stretch day in and day out, often times with multiple boats a day. This stretch (section zero) has no limit to the number of guides/outfitters, so it can be full of guide boats...on top of the recreational anglers on any given day.  Seedskadee NWR only allows 4 outfitters to operate on its waters for only 7 months out of the year.  Do not let other outfitters fool you into thinking the first float (Section  Zero) directly below Fontenelle Dam is "Seedskadee"...it is not.  Though classified as the "Seedskadee Project" it is not the REFUGE and offers and much less solitary and fishy experience.  We Start as early as February and go until December sometime (Seedskadee April 1-Oct 31).  No, we don't go to a ski town or warmer weather in the winter. We're full time, local guides.

The Freestone sections of the Green around Pinedale and the New Fork are were we fish "up north".  These are great fisheries as well and offer more intimate floats versus the broad tailwater in the south country (Fontenelle/Seedskadee).

Our "shop" is located at 12962 Wy Hwy 189 in Daniel,  Wyoming...less than a mile from a boat ramp on northern sections of river and serves as a meeting place for our trips on the Freestone section


Full Day float trip - $500

Gratuity not included*

Flies, tackle, beverages and lunch provided. 

50% Deposit gets you on the books.  Credit Card, cash or check

To Book, call
(307) 360 - 3251 or email info@wyofishco.com

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