Wyoming Fishing Dogs
If you have ever been in the boat here at the Wyoming Fishing Company LLC, you probably know this sight well....

He goes by Ichabod, or Icky, Ickdog, Ickystick, Icklebob.  He's probably the most interesting dog...in the world.  

Well...maybe not, but he has roughly over 500 trips in the drift boat since he was born in Lander, Wyoming almost 6 years ago and is a great companion for the drift boat.  Together, Icky and "RyHud" have guided the North Platte, Snake, Green, New Fork and Big Horn Rivers across Wyoming.  He has made many friends with the anglers that have come fishing with the WFC.  He is a mutt made up of English Lab, Aussie Shepard and regular Labby Lab.  His first trip away from home, he got to kiss a 36" B-Run steelhead at 9 months old...since then, he really doesn't get excited for any fish unless it is around the 2' mark.  If you would like to meet Icky, we can arrange a float trip with him!  
Icky is trained to hunt upland/waterfowl and loves chasing snowmachines.  He likes long naps, big piles of poop to roll in and anything that can be eaten.. He is also an avid cuddlepup.


For Ichabod's availability, please contact us
info@wyofishco.com or call (307) 413 7998
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