Fishing Report


Happy New year! Less snow in river valley = more fishing this winter season! We have hit isolated pockets of surface feeders here and there... constant subsurface action under the bobber, with an occasion streamer bite every other day or so..  Swinging flies has been great most afternoons and a great way to break up winter doldrums ...and if you're heading to fish streamers for PNW steelhead anytime soon, it's a great way to get back into fishing and training not to trout set.  

Snowpack for the Green River 
Drainage is averaging about 100% of normal, so look forward to another great year of fishing. Warmer weather is making it easier to do some guide days this winter.  Usually we guide 10 months out of the year, this year looks like 11 months of work on the river.  Some winter fishing days have been really good lately, producing almost 20 fish to the net (not including whites), even in a shorter, winter day of fishing

 Wanna go fishing?  

Winter Fishing Special!!!

$350 day for 2 anglers guided trip in a drift drift boat.  Bring your own lunch. Tackle, flies and drinks included.  

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Howdy!  Delayed start to winter means good fishing in December!  Aside from elk hunting & cutting firewood, we are still doing some trips on the river here and there.  Streamer fishing is good when it's good. Nymphing remains consistent.  The brown above was last week on a streamer. We are on the river the next couple days for some cast and blasting'.  Whitie is spawning and browns are feeding... Stay tuned!

Booking 2018 trips now.  Freestone Green/New Fork, Fontenelle Dam/ Seedskadee NWR (under Solitary Angler & Four Seasons) and a half dozen private ranch options throughout the Green River Drainage from Daniel to Cokeville.  Give us a call and book your 2018 trip while there is still availability.  

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Fall fishing has been great thus far. Streamer bite good and great dry flyin' at times.  Cold front comes in tonight, then we see a warming trend, we still have another few weeks left of guiding starting tomorrow. Weather pending, we will be running trips into mid-late November.  **Fall special** starts November 1, $350 for 2 anglers/full day float, usually 6 to 7 hours of fishing during the days of November.  The chance of dry fly fishing still remains during this time.  Many toad bows coming to the net in the last few weeks.  Big fish are packing on the pounds during the next few weeks!  Get on it with the Wyo Fish Co!!
Give us a call and book your trip before winter sets in!!
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Fishing has gotten better, especially with the cooler temps.  Browns are getting bigger/meaner and the weather is getting colder.  Snow is flying now and so are the ducks (duck season opened yesterday).  Cast and blast has just begun and with this colder weather, no telling what we will come across in the coming week in terms of fish that want to be fed.  We have begun knocking down geese, ducks and sage grouse along with stripping streamers for pre spawn browns. Excited to see what the next week of guide days bring.  Want to spend a day in the boat with us, local guides...not guides who are about to leave for winter?

Give the WFC a shout (307) 360 3251 

Sept 1, 2017

Fishing remains good and the fish are in great shape. Hunting season has begun, but we are still going to be out and about.  Fall fishing is coming and it should be good.  On the river for the next few days, stay tuned!  Fish are still eating dries, streamers and nymphs for us.  Private water has been productive as well. We have access to many local Daniel waters that are relatively unfished.  Contact us for more availability on private water.  Seedskadee NWR dates are limited, so if you're planning on fishing on the refuge, get your trip booked before there are no slots left.  I am permitted to guide under 2 SNWR outfits (Solitary Angler & Four Seasons) giving greater flexibility to refuge dates, but still limited and closes to guiding on November 1. 

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Thanks, Ryan


3/25/17 Update

The Dam will be at 5500 cfs by Tuesday, March 27, 5300 now.  Be safe out there.  We have lots of water we are fishing and doing well.  Many of our private/unknown, remote waters have began fishing and are doing great.  What a year of water, the fish are loving it.   I'm not mentioning names of where or what we are fishing (because secrets don't hurt feelings, they keep fishing good), but we are getting into some good stuff these days and not seeing much pressure.  Lots of trips on the books in the coming month in all sorts of venues, looking forward to what fishing they bring.  Had a great day yesterday full of browns and bows, looking forward to tomorrow on the water.  

The Spawners are all but hidden in the higher flows...the Instafamous crowd probably doesn't know what to do with themselves now that they actually have to target fish other than spawners.  

I've got openings - not lots, but some.  
Holler at me, lets fish (307) 413 7998  


Dam release update
Below is updated release schedule for Fontenelle Dam as of the a.m.  Big water is coming and will be here until mid/late June most likely. If you venture cautious.  Water will be rising throughout the day and moving all sorts of debris.

Mid March 2017
River is muddy from Slate Creek down.  This is pushing all the traffic up from the refuge to the dam (zero section).  Very busy right now.  I am getting a lot of calls from SLC guys for the upcoming weekend.  Kind of afraid of the numbers we may see...  I imagine its going to be zoo this weekend below the dam. Contrary to word on Utah/SLC streets, the Middle Provo, Lower Provo, Oasis, Soldier Creek and the Weber are all fishing.  Pork Fork (Ham's) is fishing well also. Hell, you want to do something cool?  Go fish the pseudo Skwala hatch on the Snake in Jackson Hole.  Aside from fishing big foam in March (yes, big foam in JHole in March), the dry fly midge fishing, and streamer fishing can be lights out this time of year.  You'd probably find more solitude there than you would this weekend on the Wyoming Green simply because there is only a couple miles of clear, public water below the dam.  Rainbows are spawning, so please, let em be and try not fishing to them.  If you see guides posting their dudes up on spawners, inform them what they're doing and that it's not right.  Fish are putting eggs in gravel now.  The white/tan spots in the shallow, medium/fast speed water are the rainbow spawning beds and probably have eggs in there.  So please, avoid these areas.  Kind of funny, I am hearing more and more Utah anglers, bicker about the etiquette & pressure from the younger, Utah generation of anglers coming to the WY Green.  Won't be long before the bare-knucklin' starts between Utes on Wyo water.  Ha!  I'll bring some popcorn    

Spring Special still going until April 1.  $350 for a full day float.  1-2 anglers, bring your own lunch.  If you can't make the Spring Special, we are permitted to work on Seedskadee NWR  again this season, so get your trip on the books.  We are the most local operation on the river...why hire a guide who lives 2-3 hours away, when you got one who lives on the local river bank? 
Give us a shout! (307) 413 7998 

March 4 2017
Fishing has begun for us here at the WFC this season.  We have been lucky to plan both personal and guiding days on the nicer weather days.  Dry fly fishing has been spotty to non existent, but streamer and nymph fishing has been good..when it's good.  Otherwise, whitefish are hitting the net almost constantly.  We are still doing the SPRING FLOAT TRIP SPECIAL, which is $350 a day for 2 anglers.  Bring your own lunch, The guide bring flies, beverages and the boat.  This special goes on until April 1.  

The flow forecast has surfaced for the year.. Looks like possibly 4000cfs by Mid April and up to 11,000 in early/mid June.  Check out the recent article on Wyoming's #1 news source, SweetwaterNOW by owner/operator, Ryan Hudson on what's going to happen with the flows.  We will still be fishing during these high flows...and have many bookings already.  Looking forward to seeing the big water and no crowds.  

Winter 2017

Happy New year!  Who says big fish don't eat streamers during winter in Wyoming??  This beast did!  Winter fishing float trip special, now until April 1, $350/day.  Bring your own lunch. Fish from 9-4 typically.  Sometimes later if the bite stays on.  

Just an update on our current water situation, the entire Green River drainage is 100%+ in it's snowpack.  What a great sign!  We have been seeing a few storm cycles this winter, making for great sledding now and better fishing later in the year.  The fish should be in great shape this year.  We are putting the schedule together for this summer.  Aside from the Green River (Seedskadee NWR included) we are happy to be booking trips on a few local ranches again this season as well.  These ranches have a combined 30+ miles of primo western trout creeks, ponds and even private access on the Green.  Great place for beginners to learn with many different venues presented to the angler.  We expect to be fishing as early as February in some areas, then getting busy by April.  Limited slots on Seedskdee this year, so if you want your trip with the guide(s) who spend the most time on the lower Green, you need to get ahold of me and on the roster, asap.  Looking forward to seeing all the old faces this year as well as the new ones here at the WFC!
Call 307 413 7998 

Fall/Winter 2016/2017

The season ended great for us, producing some very large fish.  Never did we touch 30", but came real close. We were avid about staying off spawning fish and focusing on the actively feeding trout.  It seems the ethics of the Provo are seeping, more the less flooding onto our waters and the combat fishing this fall was the most intense I have ever seen.   This is something relatively new to us Wyomingites....not really used to people walking up and fishing next to us along with all their bros.  Additionally, the trespassing below the dam has grown to be an out of control issue with zero enforcement.  I have never seen (nor my buddies/guides) so many boats anchored on the river left ranch below Fontenelle Dam.  Just to clarify, it is illegal to anchor, wade or exit the boat onto shore while floating through private water.  I kindly inform anglers of the trespassing, most the time I and my guides get flipped off (mostly by nonresidents).  So if you come and fish our water...please respect our laws.  

We are starting to put to together the spring fishing schedule now..  Get your trip booked for this spring baetis fishing at (307) 413 7998.  All the pics below were from WFC boats since I returned from Mongolia in Late Sept.

Thanks for visiting, stay warm as winter sets in!

Late July 2016


Don't let the pictures fool you...we didn't have ANY fun this summer on the river....

What a season! Best ever...never had so many big fish eat. Many days where not one, but multiple fish hitting the 2' mark in the net.  Summer heat is kicking in...and I am out!  A few more trips this week, then on 8/2 I head to Mongolia to guide/fish for the holiest fish of them all...Hucho Taimen.  For any trips between now through September, call Scott Nechay at 307 690 4143.   He is a private chef/fly fishing guide who works closely with the WFC.  Check out his webpage for any of your culinary desires

Fishing is getting are educated and the water is warm.  There is still plenty of good fishing to be had, but it won't last for long as August heat begins.  Good luck out there!

June 6, 2016




What a great few weeks of fishing it has been! Weather has been great and the fish a pulling hard!! We have been all over the river system (Daniel, Pinedale & Fontenelle/Seedskadee) and have even begun guiding on our private ranch accesses as well. Fish are slamming big dries on some of our water, while nymphing and streamer fishing continues to produce on the river.  Our guides have been coming back super happy, while clients are getting off the river ready to book their next trip.  Flows are now at 2900 cfs below Fontenelle Dam and boy is it cranking, but as you can see...we are still getting them to eat. Many boats on the river these days, however with our vast permit selection/private access, we are putting in downstream of the popular boat ramps and staying in front of the armada of guide boats from either Jackson Hole or Utah.  The fish are in great shape this year...the coming 2 months are going to be very exciting on the river, then, as the river slows down...the ranches turn on and get hot! Prime time dry fly fishing is right around the corner....come, hop in the boat for a day with us!   

If you are coming to the Green River and want a local guide who spends more time on the river than all dozens of visiting guides, get at us... there's a reason why our guide season is longer than anyone (February-December), even the older and more established local shops.  We are young, friendly, experienced and ambitious...not a bunch of ski bums/ bro-brahs that learned how to fish last year.  I am counting down the days until Monoglia (August 2)...then, my kickass team of guides will run the show here at the WFC while I am chasing a 50" trout for two months.  

Call us and book your trip!  (307) 413 7998 

Mother's Day 2016


Happy Mother's Day!!!  Fishing got good... really good!  The weather has held up and the fish are eating everything.  Even had some days last week where wet wading was possible! We have had stellar days on dry flies, streamers and obviously nymphing.   Definitely a bumper crop year for the 
baetis.  Best I have ever experienced this last week...some big fish stacked high in the water column, eating dries and emergers.  Everyday we are getting a fish in the boat around 22"-23" and sticking one bigger that breaks off.  The water has gotten warmer and boy...the fish are HOTTTTT!!  Pulling harder than any fish around this state.  I'm talking 15" rainbow kicking your ass....  imagine what a 20" + fish will do.  There were a few days this week where we didn't even pick up a nymph rod...tough life, eh?  This storm system is going to peeter out this week and the fishing will be back on.  It's even fishing great in this storm...but Icky and I are taking a much needed break after 9 days in the boat.  We spent a solid 9-11 hours everyday in the boat this week with dudes...we fish harder than anybody and...don't believe it??  Give us a call, we stop fishing when you cry uncle.  

Bumper crop year of dry flies and great streamer fishing....what are you waiting for??   Give us a call!  (307) 413 7998

Tax Day-April 18


We had a great week on the entire river system.  Some great fish coming into the net these days.  When the weather provides, the dry fly opportunities are there.  Picky fish, but we are currently in a thick baetis hatch, with midges sprinkled in here and there.  As you can see, the lower right pic is a mass of adult BWO' was thick that day.  The streamer bite is on as well, producing several awesome browns!  All fish above ate a stripped streamer.  As the bug emergence grows throughout the day, the emerger/pupae eat is HOTTT!!!  We are getting busier with trips in the coming weeks as fishing improves.   The WFC is officially good to guide on Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge (under The Solitary Angler), these trips are limited, so if you're interested in fishing the refuge, get at us as soon as you can.  This is a magical place that only allows minimal outfitters to operate commercially within it's borders, and we are fortunate to be with one of them.  Last week, in all of our floats, we saw zero boats.  So far this season, we have been really good about avoiding the high pressured areas...  unless we gotta fish below the Dam.   

April 4, 2016
Fishing is picking up and we are having some great days on the water.  Good streamer days mixed in with good nymphing and dry fly activity.  We are back on the river guiding this week as sledding slows down.  Baetis are doing their thing and should increase in activity as the weeks pass.  Fish seem healthy this year!  The numbers are projected to be up throughout the river system.

Electroshocking below Fontenelle Dam starts this Wednesday and goes until April 12th.  So if you're planning on fishing below the dam, I would strongly advise that you find another venue.  Unfortunately, there will still be guides down there, wondering why the fishing is bad and why the fish are sluggish.  I wouldn't want to be their clients!  We will be elsewhere with our anglers!  Helps to hire a local guide who knows what is going on!

We have the newest Drake Magazine in the supplies, so come get one!  

March 21, 2016
Fishing is getting better and better, happy Spring!  We had a great day on streamers yesterday...more water is opening up from ice.  Spawning rainbows are increasing in their spawning activity, so please...tread lightly.  Avoid walking on shallow gravel.  Many anglers like fishing below redds to browns and cutties eating eggs...but there are still spawners staging in those zones as well, so there is a good chance that if you're targeting the non spawners, you will stick a fish who is about to move up onto gravel/redd in preparation to spawn.  I prefer to avoid redds all together.  Let mother nature do her work.  Those egg eaters will be there later in the spring.  Plenty of browns and cutties eating streamers everywhere else in the river.  I have seen many anglers targeting spawners recently...many don't care.  Shameful

 The weather has been fantastic the last few days.... looks to change tonight.  More wind and moisture on the way!  Snowpack is looking great for the 2016 season.  These last few storms have certainly helped the high country snowpack.  The fly shop is still a work in progress.  Snowmobile trips are hindering fast progress...but we hope to be open my mid April.  Recent photos from this week...all pictured ate meat.  Many of them were visual takes.  Pretty sweet!!  Oh...and pardon the background black out...some places are meant to be secret 



 We are permitted on the entire Green River system in Wyoming...awaiting our Seedskadee guide stickers as this is written.  To our knowledge, the WFC is the ONLY outfitter who can legally guide anywhere on the Green/New Fork.  We are local...we are the Green.  

(307 413-7998 or

March 2016 update
Spring has sprung!  Well...some days it sprung alright.  Other days seem to resemble January.  That hasn't stopped us from getting the boat in the water and sticking fish.  We are seeing an increase in the streamer activity...which is a great break from bobber watching.  We have another storm to hit this week (March 11-15)...hard to say what will come after that, but on the better days we are getting on the river.  We have had some days of calm conditions with temps in the mid 40's ...tough to beat in March! You still have until April 1 to get in on the **Spring Special** for $350/full day float on the Green.  Drop us a line! (307) 413-7998 or


The fly shop in Daniel is coming along nicely...still a lot of work to do, but the tying bench is up!  We are directly across from the Green River Bar in Daniel Wyoming.  Stop in and say howdy!

February fishing update - 2/18/16
First guide day in a drift boat went out this week.  Fish are active and feeding.   Dry fly, streamer and nymph opportunities presented themselves on that sunny, calm February day. One pod was sitting about 8-10" of water sipping naturals.  Picky and technical....BUT FUN!!! We started fishing at 9 and hit the boat ramp at 6.  More trips next week...after this blizzard passes!  Hell of a deal, folks!

Fishing will only get better!  Get on the spring special until April 1. 

Shop organization in Daniel has begun.  Happy to say we will have Drake Magazines the start of March!  Come get one!  The only place on the Green River in Wyoming one can be bought!  

(307) 413-7998 or

Spring Special

The WFC is offering a spring special for fishing trips before April either below the Dam or on the upper stretches.  BBQ lunch, coffee and a full day float fishing trip for $350/1-2 anglers. 7-8 hours on the water...or until you cry uncle.

Fishing is good at the moment, mostly nymphing.. worms, leeches, midges...typical winter tailwater stuff. The wind is about as intense as it gets.  Currently it is cranked up to about 40-50 mph...February will bring some better weather and March should be delightful.  Drop us a line and get your spring fishing trip with the Wyo Fish Co booked!

(307) 413-7998 or  

January 2016
Happy New Year!  I'm an going to be honest...haven't been fishing at all since early December.  Big mountain sledding has kept me busy and consumed my soul over at Green River Outfitters.  But dozens of flies for 2016 have been spun off of the ole Renzetti.  We have been running both backcountry pow trips as well as packed trail rides in all three surrounding mountain ranges in the last few weeks.  Christmas storms produced some stellar powder days..the best pow we have found is throughout the Wyoming Range & the Greys.  We've been fortunate to not be involved in any slides yet, the snow pack is quite unstable at the moment.  BRAPPP!

 Planning for the 2016 fishing season is about to happen this week as dates/locations will be discussed with the clientele of the WFC.    

 We have access to even more private ranch water around Sublette County this season.  Two separate ranches with several creeks totaling roughly 35-40 creek miles, 6 miles of Green River access and ample lakes/ponds on those ranches.  Yeah....tons of water, wanna explore it with us???  These ranches provide an unmatched experience in a remote Wyoming setting.  Wildlife is abundant, the fish are big and crowds simply don't exist.   Additionally, we will be announcing some new river permits on the Green soon.... then topping it off with a 2 month stint (August/September) in northwestern Mongolia guiding/researching the mighty Hucho Taimen once again.  The first guide (fishing) trips will most likely be going out at the end of this month below Fontenelle Dam & on the BigHorn.  Big year ahead of us at the Wyo Fish Co. 

Snowpack is a bit lower than normal.  Depending on where you look...some drainages are sitting above 100%, others in the high 80% range.  Regardless...the winter season still has a long way to go before final snowpack numbers will be considered for summertime fun.

If you're interested in private creeks for "uneducated" wild trout, drift boat trips, casting lessons, stocked ponds for youngsters or high country trips chasing mountain trout on either horse or ATV....the WFC has got you covered.  A big thanks to Brian LaRue & the High Country Angler Magazine for featuring us in a recent article regarding "Wyoming's Green River" in the recent WINTER 2016 edition.   

Give us a call...lets chat (307) 413-7998 or

Winter 2015
The season ended up fishing good until the end just last week.  Winter is setting in...therefor snowmobile trips are the focus.  If interested in riding either backcountry or on trail, give us a call.  There are three local mountain ranges that provide world class riding and some deep Wyoming Powder through Green River and Bridger-Teton Outfitters.  We will be doing some guided fishing through the winter and hope to pick up again in February/March.  Until then, brapp on!  (307) 413 7998

(Green River & Bridger-Teton Outfitters is an equal opportunity employer and a permit of the Bridger-Teton National Forest)

Egan Gleason Photography

Late October Troutin' in Wyoming


10/26 - Fishing remains good/great.  We are finding some fishing that are putting on the pounds before winter hits, additionally we are still finding floats where we are the ONLY boat on the water.  The rainbows have been great and picking up the slack when the browns aren't around.  Some browns are on redds and many are still in migration mode.  We are finding some mature fish only showing a little color and some browns colored to the T.  Mind you, no fish on redds are being targeted here.  Nothing big, but all around great trout fishing  and stellar weather for late October.  We have a mixed bag of trips coming in November as we hope to fish as late as we can before winter sets in.  Cast and Blast trips coming up...stay tuned!  The dry fly fishing has even been great as the Indian Summer prevails.  Want to fish in November?  Give us a shout!  (307) 413 7998 or

Thanks for Visiting!


Mid October troutin' in Wyoming

****Fontenelle Dam releases decrease to 950 cfs on 10/19 @ 8am****
Fishing remains good, the warmer weather has seemed to delay fish migrations and grass break up.  Big winds are blowing everybody off...we are staying on and finding plenty of feed fish.  Fishing on the ranch is still producing some nice fish on hoppers, but few and far between.  We are starting to see more browns in the river system.  The rainbows continue to entertain, crushing streamers and eating most nymphs.  Fish are healthy as you can see from the photos!  We are going to be fishing hard through the end of November, as we feel the push of browns is yet to come.  We haven't seen any browns on redds...and less guys standing in shin deep water...These signs tell us the fish are probably late, like the later salmon run.  So...when the browns do show up on gravel in the coming weeks, please let them be.  

If you wanna fish, drop us a line!  (307) 413 7998 or



*NOTICE***  Starting today, the Green River from Fontenelle Dam to the Wheeping Rock cable will be closed to fishing.  Good thing, those fish need a rest.  

Happy October!  May good Fall fishing be in your future!  Here at the WFC we are jamming solid fishing...with not much time left over for deer hunting.  Streamer fishing has been hit or miss...producing some good fish, but many casts are required. We are hoping any day will go. The river is fairly grassy still..but we are getting into fish.  We have gotten mixed reports from floaters below the Dam.  Some guys are getting them, others are struggling.  We have dealt with some aggressive wind in the recent week, and are still able to find fish eating during high wind times.  

We are on the cusp of the brown trout spawn...please, if you see brown trout in the shallows on redds or spawning gravel, please let them be.  We do not condone fishing to trout on redds, this is a crucial time of the year for these fish and we should let them complete this cycle so we have good numbers of brown trout for the future.
The Kokanee Salmon are filling up in the river and eating flies well.  If you've ever wanted to experience this exotic spectacle that we call "Little Alaska", give us a shout!  These fish stack on the gravel and eat flies readily....but beware, lurking in the sea of red are some solid rainbows eating as well!! The numbers or salmon will be increasing in the next month as we are already seeing bigger fish back in the system. Below are some pics from last week, we had great company in the boat!

Give us a shout to set up your fall fishing trip with the WFC!

(307) 413 7998 or

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The weather is cooling and the leaves are turning.  Fishing has remained good, although this recent cool front seems to have slowed the streamer bite a bit.  Lots of little fish (pictured above) being caught below Fontenelle Dam, these little wild trout are a good sign for the next few years.  Kokanee are all throughout the river system...  Browns appear to be moving, we have only got into everything else...  Fish are eating everything - dries, streamers and nymphs.  

We have had quite a few trips out recently and been keeping busy.  Good weather is in the forecast and the fishing should get better.  We are back on this week for a few days.  No big ones yet...stay tuned!  We are booking trips into November, so if you have ever thought about Fall fishing in Wyoming, give us a shout!  (307) 413 7998 

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Elk season is here and Fall fishing is upon us.  Pardon the absence.... we are quite busy guiding fishing and bird hunts right now...  Ichabod, the WFC's right hand man is birdy as it gets this year.  I feel this will be his best year yet.

  We are excited to announce we have access to 20+ miles of private creek fishing in Sublette well as several miles of private Green River access around Daniel.  The fishing for cutties, browns, brookies and rainbows is great on the ranch Creek.  The wading is easy as the cattle have grazed everything down, and the fish love big puffy dries.  This ranch is a historical visit to Old West Wyoming.  The scenery is beautiful and solitude is robust....truely a special place we would like to share with you.  The Green River property is unfloatable now...therefor ALL of those Green River fish are going untouched...wanna feed a few??? We are also about to start running a bunch of trip below Fontenelle Dam.  Below are some ranch creek Cutties....hungry, stout and unpressured.                   
What else can a guy ask for!??



We have some openings this Fall, but the prime dates are filing up!  If you're interested in Fall fishing on Creek/floating the Green and/or bird hunts (waterfowl and grouse), drop us a line!  

(307) 413 7998

We have a few trips scheduled on the Bighorn River in Thermopollis, as well as the Lower Green.  Water temps are cooling and the fish are starting to eat as Fall comes closer...a great time of the year to be on the water!!


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Summer heat is here...but we are still having fun getting into fish in the cooler waters.  Most of our trips are focusing on high country mountain streams where the water is cooler and the fish are much more active.  Fish up high are still eating big dry flies like popcorn floating down the creek.  We did manage to pull a 17" Snake River Cutty from a mountain creek that you could jump almost jump across...all the meanwhile seeing bear sign and wolf tracks along the river..  it's definitely "Western"...  
  We are about to head over to Thermopolis to guide on the Big Horn with Dunoir Fishing Adventures for a few weeks of tricos, hoppers and streamer fishing.  Once this is over, we have a handfull of bird hunts to guide in early September, a week of archery elk guiding, then back at it below Fontenelle Dam, chasing big boys once the water/weather cools.

"ahh...yes, Browntown"

 Late September is a great time to fly fish the lower Green River in Wyoming, as the big browns begin moving and becoming more aggressive, we aim to intercept them and feed them a big stick of meat during this migratory/pre spawn time.  Above is one of several great fish we boated last September, want a shot at one...or two of these???  Drop us a line...

  We have a few openings left in late September.  Call/email us if you're interested!  (307) 413 7998 or

Thanks for visiting,


Fishing has slowed a bit on the river, so we are moving to the high country and fishing to smaller, more aggressive mountain trout.  This is such a fun change up from the river scene and offers technical casting to isolated pockets of cutthroat and brook trout in two different high country streams less than an hour from Jackson Hole, Wyoming.   Wildflowers, wildlife, breathtaking mountains and hungry mountain trout....such a treat! Two different mountain creeks that are both accessible via a multiple passenger atv that we have access to.  A unique trip up in the mountains that we are happy to be a part of.  Today, we did get one 14" cutthroat out from a nasty mess of logs on a #8 Bugmiester....FUN!!  If you have never experienced this type of trip...let us show you!

We will continue to fish the rivers on the days when cloud cover dominates and water temps stay low, but the next month is a great time to enjoy the mountains and their rewards.  The hopper fishing thus far has been excellent this year...big foam as well.  We are looking forward to the fall fishing come September - November.  If you are interested in big browns on streamers come September or toad rainbows and Kokanee Salmon in October - November...let us float you down the river one day.  We are aiming to avoid targeting browns mid-late October/Early November as they will be on their redds and not something we participate in.  September is a great time to enjoy dry flies and streamers as many fish are eating heavily before winter sets in.  
Give us a call!  (307) 413 7998



Fishing remains good and our clientele has been great.  The WFC is extremely fortunate to be involved in such fun interactions with great people and great fish eating in AWESOME ways. The Green River water temps are staying in the 54-62 degree range.  Recent rain showers are keeping the flows great and the fish are in excellent shape.  It seems we are in for yet another wet/cool Summer...  Good thing.  Dry fly fishing has been good-great most days.  We have been working for quite a few weeks now solid and having some great fun in the boat.  The last two days...we caught most fish dries and few on droppers.  If this rain & moisture keeps up...we will be floating into, maybe through August.  Tomorrow, we take horses and head to the high country for some small stream brookies/cutties on 2-3wt rods, fun and a great change up from the scene on the river racing with the Jackson Hole Aramada.  Primetime September and October brown trout hunt dates are booking up.  If you want in...better give us a shout quick!

307 413 7998 or

Apparel coming soon - Hats, hoodies, shirts, stickers and more!  





July is here and brought some serious heat with it!  The fishing has been great and the fish are healthy this year....all the while pulling real hard on the end of the line.  It is dry fly season here in Wyoming.  We are guiding on over 200 river miles, allowing us to chase the best dry fly opportunities...meanwhile avoiding the crowds coming from the county to the west.  We have been fishing double dry rigs almost all day.  No bobbers/nymph rigs necessary...and some guys aren't even rigging up a streamer rod.  Good time to be on the water with many fantastic groups of anglers!   Where have you been during all this fun? 


We have seen both the Green and New Fork rivers reach 70 degrees in the late afternoon recently.  Not good.  However the fish are still eating when the water isn't too hot.  We are going to begin doing "Chilean Style" fishing trips.  Fish the early morning...get off before it gets too hot.  Take a siesta then go out again for the evening fish once the water cools.  


This warm weather is going to speed up our high country fishing operation.  We are going to start fishing the mountain creeks if you've even wanted to experience high country fly fishing from either horse or Polaris Side-by-side ATV, drop us a line!  We fish 2-3 wt rods to these mountain trout (Brook Trout and Snake River Fine-spotted Cutthroat) near Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  A fun experience and a great way to spend the day in the mountains.  


Thanks for stopping in!  Hope to see you in the boat or in the mountains this summer!! or call 307-413-7998


Fishing is now...good.  Isolated pockets of feeding pods today.  Most holding pair(s) of large fish eating dries.   For the angler who can present the fly the way it should be will be rewarded.  No boats...big fish eating dry flies. Game on.  Pictured below are a two great fish from today...on a dry.  

There are a few openings next week...get it while it's hot!  We are not catching many small fish..why? b/c all the big fish are out and about!!!
  (307) 413 7998

Everything....BIG.  But in certain areas, fishing is good. The Green River below Fontenelle Dam is at 7400 CFS and has been for a few days now.  Nobody seems to know when the flows will be dropped.  Water is clear up into the willows and flowing fast!  Fun times for the adventurous angler who likes fishing new water.  

We have both wade fishing and float fishing trips out this week.  In our prime areas, we are finding fish eating dries ( both big and little ) dry/dropper rigs, streamers...and obviously, nymph rigs .  Trips last week involved fishing with talented anglers and beginners. We had some young men fresh out of high school that came fishing and got into some fish in the big water...congrats, boys!  

Fish are getting FAT this year and need your help with their weight loss program!  Once this "burp" of moisture is done...we are going to be giving the fish a workout....join us!  Stay tuned to see what comes to the boat this week!  

 We are about to get jamming busy as the flows are beginning to drop in many of the local waters.  We have openings for prime time fishing...if you want in,
call us!  (307) 413-7998 or email



Everything is big...but there a fish to be found in the right spots. Fontenelle Dam is now at 5300 cfs!  The Green in LaBarge is around 7000 cfs...Holy cow!  We are finding fish throughout the river system...The fish are almost "overweight" now.  The are pulling hard and eating quite a bit!  Weather has finally gotten good and summer is happening!  The next few months are going to be extremely fun as our fish are in great shape and currently getting a break from all the anglers who aren't fishing the high water.  Now is a great time to get out in the boat with us and see what fishing high water is all about.  The fish move around and eat...lots!!  Today, we got into a good amount of HOTT fish eating in the big water...only 1 fish under 15".  We got many cutties as well, great to see their numbers growing.  Fun stuff!!  Birds are out....foliage is's a great time to get out in the boat!  

Book your trip now! Fishing is ON!  (307) 413 7998

6/1/15 - Runoff???

The rivers went big this the start of runoff??  Hard to say, all we know is the spring fishing was great and we are fortunate to have been running trips during the early season.  The moisture content in the Upper Green River drainage is well in the 120% range...WET SNOW!  We still have some water that is fishing good...stay tuned for the most recent runoff report.  We are on the water a few days, every week this month.  Hell or high water...we are still finding fish!  Get ya some -  (307) 413 7998

5/29/15 - Let the SUN shine on!

After a few weeks of rain/sleet/snow...we are seeing some nicer weather.  Both angler and fish greet the warm weather eagerly.  Dry fly fishing has begun to get good.  The fish are eating many different bugs now and tugging hard!  

Now is the time to book your trip for the coming is finally going to get good and summertime fishing will reign supreme!  We have excellent snowpack and healthy fish this year.  Very exciting!

Call us up to set up your trip!  (307) 413 7998!

Late May - ...and then the rains came.

Happy Memorial Day!  The last few weeks have made for some higher water and dynamic fishing.  Nothing huge to the net...but a couple interactions with a few fish over 2' gave myself and my anglers a case of "memory burn"....It would be great to discuss the fun methods that brought these big fish up...but, not many folks fish the way we do and we want to keep it that way...and yes, it is FLY FISHING, not gear fishing.   

 It appears the moisture is going to "lighten up" a bit in the coming weeks.  The Upper Green River Basin snow pack is now sitting at roughly 96% after all these recent storms...good thing!  Very uplifting facts after a dry February - April.  This should give us more water this summer...and being that the Snake River Basin is holding less snow, we hope the Snake in Jackson Hole will clear sooner than normal...captivating all the guides up there and not giving them a reason to travel here and fish the Green River and it's tributaries.  We are on the cusp of some "summertime" fishing involving dry flies and mean trout.  If you have ever thought about booking a guided fly fishing float trip in Wyoming, now is the time!  The good moisture content in the Wind River & Wyoming Ranges will give us yet another great season of ample water flows and healthy, actively feeding fish.  We expect the river to fish well at great flows through July...after this, we are hoping for another wet late summer to keep the rivers up and water temperatures down.  If this happens, we will continue to guide the rivers...if not, we will move to the high country and let the rivers be.  The next week, we will be guiding below Fontenelle Dam as well the Pinedale sections of the Green/New Fork...stay tuned!  It's about to get fun as the creatures with wings will begin to appear!  

BOOK your float trip - (307) 413-7998 or email


Mid May 2015

The fishing remains good, but the weather isn't that great.  Wind/rain/sleet/snow have all hit in the recent days.. this makes for a more evenly distributed runoff.  Good for the fish and good for the Summer on the Green River drainage..  We have been spending time tying flies, finishing up the 2015 fly box roster while the weather has been lousy.  A good break from a long stint of days on the river.  We will be back on the water in a few days.  Even with the foul weather, we have still got some fish to eat in some REALLY cool ways....and I'm not talking about getting them to chase streamers off the bank....

  More and more days are being put on the books for the summer.  We are now expanding to some small water fishing venues for late July/August.  Both high country and river valley creeks will be an option.  Inquire within for details.

Get on booking your summer trip with the WFC!  We have some angry fish holding in certain stretches of river that most guides don't know of or simply don't go....don't believe it?  Give us a shout and let us show you.  We live on the banks of the Green and know what she is doing and when she is doing it....she has been all over the place these days regarding the flows...and we are the first to know.   

Do yourself a favor, book the local guide.  Does it make sense to hire a guide who comes from another state/next county over?  You know you're paying for his extra gas as well??....and get less time on the water??  Jackson Hole Guide Services are booking trips down here for almost $600/day....We charge $450 AND you don't have to factor in the 3 hour round trip drive to/from Jackson, WY.Myself and any of my guides have more days on the water than most, if not all guides that journey down from Teton County/Salt Lake City to fish the Green River drainage.  
Makes no sense....
pay more, fish less & drive more....  
Definitely not what we're into here at the Wyo Fish Co!!

(307) 413 7998


Check out our new page, Private Chef Fly Fishing.  We are excited to be working with Chef Scott Nechay this year doing these exclusively unique trip.  He just launched "version 1" of his website combining fly fishing guide/chef packages.
(307) 690- 4143

May 2015
Fishing is getting better & better....we are starting to see fish come up for bigger dries, and even better...some really really big fish looking at/eating streamers.  Two days ago, we witnessed a fish well over 30" follow our streamer....but only that!  No about memory burn!!!  Exciting! The weather has been "springy" ...with insane winds and precipitation, but the fish don't care.  We are guiding on over 200 miles of river right now, making for some busy busy times!UTAH anglers....Wyoming Law states that the river bottom is private, this is not a "high water mark" state.  I have told countless Utah anglers below Fontenellle Dam they are tresspassing as they wade this river left property, and the response I get is..."I thought this was high water mark" .... Know the laws, respect the laws and the landowners.  If you see "no tresspassing" signs, this means you CANNOT wade/anchor in this water.  The landowner on river left below Fontenelle Dam has been furious with all the tresspassing.  He has a "no tresspassing" sign every 100 yards or so...No excuses.  If you're going to come over and fish our water... at least respect the laws.  And yes, it is Utah and some Colorado guys.  We don't do this, because we know and respect the laws.   Bottom line is...we are all here to enjoy what the Green River has to offer...lets not spoil what we already have.  

The cutties are starting to stage for their spawn on the Green River below Fontenelle please, let them be.  And avoid walking on shallow swift riffles where the gravel is cleared off.  Many rainbow trout eggs are still incubating in the cleared gravel areas or "redds"...if you walk through this are crushing/killing the soon to be rainbow trout fry!  

The male cutthroats have a brilliant red belly and are hussling the shallow fast gravel bars.  We are starting to see many bugs move under the rocks.  What a fun and dynamic time of the year for us.  We have had beginners to experts in the boat recently...all catching great fish and providing great company in a day of fishing, even in big winds (30 mph).

 Have you ever thought about a guided fly fishing trip??  We had some cancellations recently making for some openings.  Whether you are a beginner or expert, you will be welcomed with patience and a hard working guide.  Thank you for visiting and we hope to see you in the boat this summer! 

 Drop us a line if you are interested
(307) 413-7998 or

April 2015
Fishing has been ...GOOD!  Although, we have hit some tough times when the water is rising, but that is what spring fishing on a freestone river in the Rocky Mountains entails!  The adult Baetis scene is pretty fun when the conditions are right...but your presentation has got to be solid.  No drag and floaty flies are required by these fish to get them to eat.  The browns have been on the streamers the majority of the time giving us yet another stellar spring streamer scene (S.S.S.S.).  We are guiding the Big Horn with Dunoir Fishing Adventures ( and the North Platte River ( with the boys at Drift as well as the Green.  Check out their websites and if you have ever thought about fishing either of those rivers, we can hook it up.  We are putting the summer schedule together here at the WFC and it appears to be a busy one.  We are looking forward to another awesome season fishing dry flies and streamers in the Green River Drainage with our clients.  This week we are guiding about a week straight starting if you see us on the river ( Clacka with a black lab) say hello!  Ichabod and I are always looking to meet new friends on the river.  There has been some recent vandalism this spring on some of the Utah boys rigs' ( Fish Heads Fly Shop)  down in Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge below Fontenelle Dam.  Please...have some respect.  It is all of our water.  Yes, we hate to see the massive crowds from surrounding states piling up in our runs, but...we are all act accordingly.  Forgive the "blackout" on some of these photos.  We are guiding certains sections that are seeing virtually zero boats a day (ok...maybe 1, but that boat is always behind us)...we want to keep it that way!  That's how we "repyourwater" .....

 Below are some recent shots of great fish and great people we (Icky and I) are fortunate to have in the boat. 

If you want "in" on this season, better drop us a line soon!  We are booking more trips earlier than ever!  Quite a promising year we have on our hands.  We are the "little guy" around here...not a "trustfunder", nor do we have an investor who bought our legal rights (permits, gear, insurance...ect) to guide here in Wyoming.  We established our clientele on hard work and great fishing.  University of Wyoming educated and Wyoming residents.  It has taken years to get this far and things are starting to taste sweet.  Almost so sweet, Icky and I can taste it in our spit.  Do you want a guy who just started guiding?  Or a hookup coordinator who eats, sleeps and breathes the Green River?  Our clients are longstanding and fish with us multiple times a year.  It's up to you....pick a "run of the mill guide" with a new boat he's only rowed a week... or a guide with a boat that stinks like fish, even after it gets scrubbed.

(307) 413-7998

Thanks for visiting the WFC!  Tight lines to all!

January 21, 2014

Snow season ended (...or slowed down a bit) abruptly, and fishing got thrown into the fire pan.  Until a new storm hits, fishing is ON.  Come join us

-$300 full day floats/ $200 Wade trips -  Bring your own food, beverages - Tackle provided.  -WEATHER PENDING!! 

If it is planned right, great fishing can be found.  Beautiful winter weather, with the lack of wind can be an amazing thing...these days have happened recently.
Fishing in a good winter atmosphere makes fishing taste sweeter than it normally does, maybe because it's been so cold up until this point.  Bobber fishing, size 22 midge dry flies...who cares!  Western fishing - trout are hungry and must stay healthy !!!
The aluminum beer can has many uses during this time of year, other than transporting the bbq pit becomes increasingly popular, the can is utilized as a sauerkraut warming device.  Warm 'brats often make a good breaktime delight...along with the 'kraut  (as can be depicted below)
Colors are vividly different than summer...along with temps. Heaters are welcomed... the defining line between men and boys also makes an appearance as frigid temps set in.  Ladies seldom want anything to do with fishing....well most that is.  Fleece, wool, puffies and baselayers all become "a must" in order to keep everything in proper operating fashion.   

Perfect "Wyoming suishi" fish - crudo

Even on the coldest of winter days, the water column can be booming with life.  Midges, scuds, minnows, crawdads.  Fish still eat!  Big and little ones'. 
  The few weeks of 2014 have started off warm, yet with decent snow pack.  Warmer days are scattered and allowing fish to be caught on the fly quite frequently.  Great cabin fever fixer.  "Players" that are willing to eat a swung streamer are increasing as the weeks pass.  Nymphing is dominating as usual.... and dry fly opps have their windows. 

Get out, be safe and enjoy the winter days.  Organize with good company, pack some coffee, wood, build a fire and enjoy fishing the winter!     Please keep the fishing in the water as much as possible! 

Big Shout out to the apparel company Laramie Peak Anglers on the other side of the Divide, based out of Laramie, WY.  Been Rocking the  Walleye & Buffalo Logo ball cap.  You can see it covering my mane in some of the pictures above - lots of people are into it, thanks and looking forward to new gear from LPA check them out - 


(307) 413 7998 or 

Follow for more fishporn on Instagram @ wyofishco
 facebook too.... Wyoming fishing company llc

Happy angling!

The Oasis Angler


October 30, 2013
Whew!  Sorry for the delay!  After the Mongolia guiding stint, the WFC was slammed busy this fall fishing and hunting.  Fall fishing was great!  We saw some good browns come to the net this fall, as well as some superb rainbows and cutties!  The WFC will be adding a creating a Mongolia tab as well to the webpage, were we will book trips for Summer 2014 in Mongolia through and !!  Soon!  Enjoy some fish porn below, the WFC is winding down for the 2013 season in preparation for snow and skiing this winter! 

July 30, 2013
Fishing continues to be good.  Though the "catching" depends on the angler.  We are still fishing dries at least half of the day, the fish are becoming more finicky and picky.  Streamer fishing has been good and nymphing has produced a few great fish.  The WFC will be out of commission until September 16th, starting August 7th due to a 5 week fishing/guiding stint in Mongolia for the mighty Hucho Taimen and other fish in the river.  To book trips during the fall, please contact Jeramie Prine of Dunoir Fishing Adventures (307-349-3331 or  Fall brown trout run is coming up, get your dates soon!  The WFC is available to guide the last week of September through November, whether it be the Green or the BigHorn.  I want to thank all the patrons, friends and family of the WFC.  The summer of 2013 has been great and extremely busy!  Thank you all again for all your support, what a great "inaugural" season!  Below are some of the recent hookups


July 19, 2013
Sorry for the delay, fishing has been great in the past few weeks!  Unfortunately water levels are hovering a little lower than normal.  This has sped up the hatches through summer.  On any given day, you're liable to see everything from Green/Grey Drakes to Tricos to Golden Stones to Baetis.   Crazy!  Overcast skies have produced some good fishing.  Most rancher have closed up the headgates lately.  Hoppers are making spotty appearances as well.  Our fish have been getting pounded and are beginning to get fairly picky.  We lost a brown at the boat a couple days back with a head that was the size of Ichabod's (the lab).  Fishing has been good, but is slowing down on the hotter afternoons. 

June 20, 2013
The rivers have been doing the typical  "runoff rollercoaster" in regards to the flows recently, however...the fish are still hungry!  The W (wind) has been fairly "angry" lately and approached nuclear levels yesterday, but the fish still ate stripped big meat...all day!  Dry flies have continued to catch fish when conditions allow and nymphing, like always - is catching fish... The WFC has a few openings over the next two weeks before the bookings get crazy, get in on some of festivities!   (307) 413 7998

June 11, 2013
Hot HOT and more HOTT!  Fishing has continued to be productive.  Many headwaters around the state have blown out this week, leaving the WFC to fish the mossy tailwaters.  Nymphing has been the ticket, while good numbers of dry fly feeding fish inhabit the long and slow runs.  Summer is in full swing.  The backing has appeared quite a few times this are HOTTTT!!!  We have been fishing Yellow Sallies  and pmd's dries....some caddis.  The Sallies and "Pmmmduhs"  (pmd) have gotten many fish to start partyin' up on the surface.  Fish have gotten spooky and smarter this season, but there is more than one way to feed them!!  Leeches, scuds and the worm have dominated under a bobber.  The Gray Drake hatch is soon....soo soon.  Yeeehaaaawwww! Summertime in big wonderful Wyoming!!!  Trips have been booking, but the WFC still has some openings the last week of June and a few scattered days in July before Mongolia in early August.  Call for details!  (307) 413-7998         

June 4, 2013
Nice weather, golden stones & salmonflies!  Though the wind still blows, the fish are looking up!  Nymphing, streamers and salmonfly dries have been doing the trick!  The smaller grey/tan caddis are popping off too, guardfish and whitie have been all over these bugs, but the bigger ones are chomping anything that resembles the black and orange Plecopteras.  Get your bigbug on!  Pressure has been increasing in the area, as boats from around the state have been floating the local waters.  Word is out! Call the WFC to get in on the salmonflies before it's over! (307)-413 7998.  The WFC will be on the Green this week, then off to the Big Horn until June 19th for hopper fishing and Walleye.   

May 31, 2013
Spring storms and high winds!  The last few days have been a testament to the double haul!  Whew!  Streamer fishing is good...real good.  Work it right, and you may have a slab chasin' and and snappin' at the end of your line.  Fast strips, slow strips or a swung bug have all done the trick  Bright and dark streamers have been working, with or without flash.  Nymphing has been effective with stones, mays and well...the worm.  We are expecting nice weather through next week... This should get some activity going up top since all the bugs got blown to the next county during the last few days!  More baetis and goldens on the way, PMD's and Sallies, soon to follow!  Some cutties are still on their beds (tan spots in/around the riffle), so please...let them be.   Below are some fish from the last few days, while running from dust devils!   
Guide Service
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